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Midday blog: Where’s the Church?

I have an exercise that I often do, and often do it unintentionally, when I’m watching a movie, or go to the theatre, or really any time I’m engaging with a story. I ask myself “Where’s the church?” It’s a challenge to me to see how the author of a piece portrays the church in the story and what that might mean. Do they see the church and Christians as judgmental, crazy or something else entirely? Or is the church even present?

One story in particular stands out to me that left me wondering, where is the church? The first one was written in the early 1990s and deals with a community that is being hard hit by poverty and AIDS. This story was heavily influenced by the author’s own life experiences, and when I got to the end I was struck by the complete absence of the church (except for one part where there’s a funeral).

I wondered after seeing the story what the author’s personal experience had been when it came to the church. Did he see the church reaching out to those who had AIDS, or those who identified themselves as gay? I almost wish that he at least had the church there and as judgmental rather than the church so isolated that it was irrelevant.

I end with this challenge: Let’s make the church visible, and show the love of Christ. This will require work, and effort, and sacrifice. There will be times we’re misunderstood, and seen in the wrong light, but let’s be seen.

Josh Klos is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Radio Communications, he has served as the engineer for Midday Connection since 2010. He is also a part of the volunteer College & 20’s group staff at his church and enjoys spending time outside, as well as at libraries, bookstores and various coffee shops. He’s busy these days with graduate school, where he studying communication and culture.

To learn more about Josh and read his blog, please visit his website.

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2 thoughts on “Midday blog: Where’s the Church?

  1. Donna Sparks on said:

    Very thought provoking, Josh. And I’m thinking about the story of the 10 lepers in the Bible–where was Jesus? Reaching out…and showing love. One problem we have, however, is that when we, as individuals or a body of believers, do reach out with a desire to help, we’re often criticized for bringing Jesus with us. How do we manage that?

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