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Midday blog: Changes

Today I start a new job. A little over eight years ago I walked onto Moody’s campus as a young freshman student excited, and a little nervous, to start this new chapter of my life—and some of those same feelings are with me today. While I was a student at Moody I had to opportunity to start working part-time for Moody Radio, a job that about a year and a half after graduating became a full-time job. I have worn many hats and worked on many different programs while at Moody, but a majority of my time has been spent with the ever lovely Midday ladies.

I’ve learned a lot and have made many memories over these past three and a half years of working on Midday Connection. I could tell you which Midday lady burps the loudest (but I won’t).  I’ll never forget the day Anita halted the program to kill a spider in the studio. I’m sure Anita, Melinda, and Lori won’t miss me bugging them to adjust their microphones. I’ll miss coming in to work to find that Lori has decided to re-arrange her office yet again…and deciding to re-arrange Anita and Melinda’s office while Anita is off on vacation. There are many other fun memories and bits of knowledge that I could mention and yet they just might get me in trouble so I’ll leave it there.  :-)

The past couple of months have been steadily marking out that this is a period of transition and the start of a new chapter in my life. I have started dating and have an amazing girlfriend. I have turned in the initial draft, defense draft, and final draft of my master’s thesis and will be walking down an aisle and receiving a diploma and academic hood this month. Finally, I unexpectedly went through the interview process for a new job and was offered that job. I’ve enjoyed spending this previous chapter of my life y’all, and who knows, maybe I’ll run into you in this chapter or in a future chapter.

Honestly, I’m not sure how to best end this post, so I’ll just sign off with the infamous words of Truman from the movie The Truman Show. “Good morning, and if I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night”

Josh Klos is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Radio Communications, he served as the engineer for Midday Connection from 2010 to Novemer 2013. He is also a part of the volunteer College & 20’s group staff at his church and enjoys spending time outside, as well as at libraries, bookstores and various coffee shops.

To learn more about Josh and read his blog, please visit his website.

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One thought on “Midday blog: Changes

  1. Donna Chapman on said:

    You’ve been a brave and valiant man amongst us ladies….you will be missed!
    God bless and God speed.

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