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Midday blog: Hope

I’ve been reading an Advent devotional this season called “Night Visions” by Jan Richardson.  The first three weeks have been pensive.  It’s been fitting for my frame of mind this season.  This week of Christmas is a week of hope and I’m ready for it!  But, not the “bursting forth in ultimate triumph” kind.  More of the “tiny seed of the beginnings of hope” kind.

This morning, I read in the devotional, “A seed in the ground. A flame in the darkness. A hand outstretched. A child in the womb. Hope starts small and overtakes us, stretching the borders of what we have known.”

As we ease into the Christmas week, I’m thankful for the power of small beginnings of hope – a “yes”, a smile, a friendly touch of a hand.


lorineffnewLori Neff is the senior producer for the award-winning national radio program, Midday Connection. Lori grew up in a small town in Ohio, spending more time outside in nature than inside. She is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. Her interests include art (looking at it and creating it), music, literature, humanitarian aid efforts, cooking, gardening, coffee, traveling, thinking, learning and spending time with her husband.

To learn more about Lori and read her blog, please visit visit her website.

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2 thoughts on “Midday blog: Hope

  1. Donna Chapman on said:

    Love this Lori…..we want Big Bang Moments and God is often in the most infinitesimal things :) Hope you are all well……missed you on Milrose Friday!
    Thank you for all you are to the Kingdom of God.

  2. Lori, that is exactly where I am this season…a tiny see of hope. thank you for your words that put what I am feeling into words.

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