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Midday blog: Poem reflection

maryAs we reflect on this holiday season, read this poem by Nicola Slee called “Fiat”. This poem is in the voice of Mary, mother of Jesus:


I uttered myself
I claimed my voice
I was not afraid to question
I held my ground
I made my yes
looking straight into the angel’s eyes
(any slave girl could have been beaten or raped for less)
There was no mastery here
Nothing was taken from me
Everything was given
Here I am:
See me
As you read this poem, reflect:
How do you feel as you read this poem?
What most stood out in the poem?
Why do you suppose this poem is called “Fiat”?
Are you being shown a different perspective? If so, how do you respond to it?
Can you relate to this poem, personally?

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One thought on “Midday blog: Poem reflection

  1. Since having my first baby I’m am really emotional when it comes to Mary and baby Jesus. I have trouble listening to some Christmas songs without crying. Reading it I feel like it might have been something Mary said after everything had happened. When she had all the knowledge of Jesus that she could. There’s a lot of confidence in this poem. This could be what she said after pondering those things in her heart and now she asking us to listen. Looking straight into an Angels eyes stands out to me. What courage that would take, and it makes sense that it’s called Fiat…just by definition she authorized the Holy Spirit to come upon her. She made it official with her offering herself to God. Personally I waver so much on things in my life, except things I have to do. How great would it be to have that commitment in everything I do. To be able to say I stood up, said yes, did it, and here’s my story.

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